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Vollautomatische Generierung und Ausführung von Tests zur Aufdeckung von Fehlern und Sicherheitsproblemen.
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Why Symflower?

In a Nutshell

Symflower fully automatically generates high coverage unit tests for your source code: revealing bugs and security issues while you are coding. You can equip legacy projects with strong test suites and streamline your TDD workflow with automated test case generation to find every edge case.



Symflower ensures a long term, high quality standard by providing tests and constant monitoring of every change introduced to your codebase. Found problems can be reproduced, debugged and fixed right away since every found problem is backed up by a unit test.



Symflower increases your productivity by helping you spend less time on testing and debugging so you can fully focus on creating new functionality for your projects. Every provided test case allows you to iterate fast over each added line of code.



Symflower enables the next evolutionary step of programming. Similar to how compilers provide immediate feedback for syntax errors, Symflower informs you rapidly about logical errors. Finally giving you early feedback to prevent bugs from ever being pushed to production.


Generate and run unit tests automatically

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Verpassen Sie nicht die Zukunft des Softwaretestens

Verpassen Sie nicht die Zukunft des Softwaretestens

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