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Company Vision

At Symflower we are driven by the vision to liberate people from the burden of software testing. We are developing a product to autonomously perform software quality assurance. Automated tests are no longer written by humans, but instead, generated in a fully automated fashion. With the Symflower Testing Services we share our years of experience in the software quality assurance domain and support our customers with the implementation of a completely automated testing process. The Symflower Development Essentials allow our customers to implement highly effective development processes by applying suitable automations. These three areas enable our customers to perfect their software processes. Making it possible to utilize their full development potential.

DI Evelyn Haslinger, BSc
Loves challenges and seeks to learn new things.
DI Markus Zimmermann, BSc
Seeks improvement possibilities in all things.
Software Engineer
Has fun puzzling problems, is eager to learn new technologies and is looking for an exciting job.