We Are Looking for Student Employees

Location: Linz, Austria, EU

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You want to gain work experience?

If you love to solve challenging problems and want to move the world, then we have the right job for you.

At Symflower you are joining a young and innovative team, that is creating tools to make the life of developers easier. This includes teaching machines how to read and understand program code. Moreover, we teach them how to find mistakes in these programs such as crashes and security issues. Sounds like a challenge? That is the reason why we need brilliant minds like you!

We are looking for reinforcements in all domains of our product. Starting from the conception of efficient algorithms, the improvement of our infrastructure up to the design of our frontend. We plan and implement new features together in a Scrum team and handle any obstacle no matter the size together as a team.


We utilize

  • Go (which is easy to learn) for the backend,
  • TypeScript and Angular for the frontend,
  • Docker as our container technology
  • and Kubernetes for managing our containers and clusters.

We offer

  • interesting and versatile tasks,
  • real startup atmosphere,
  • great events,
  • flexible work hours,
  • compensatory time in stressful exam phases,
  • a high learning curve
  • and topnotch hardware.

We are looking forward to your expressive application with a CV at you@symflower.com .

We offer a part-time job (starting at 16h/week) with a salary starting at EUR 14.300 (accordingly more with more hours, and/or relevant qualifications and experience).