Effortless Software Development

By applying automation and modern development processes

Development Infrastructure

Modern development processes require the utilization of suitable technologies and tools. We support you with the selection, configuration and installation of your development infrastructure. Making your build server, version control and issue tracker ready to operate.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Do not waste any time manually building, testing and delivering your software by employing Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD). We help you with the selection, configuration and installation of your custom CI and CD. Making it possible to solely focus on the development and evolution of your products.


No matter if you run a simple website, a modern container orchestration or maintain a cluster: We help with the evaluation, implementation and migration of your automated deployments. As a result, you save time distributing, scaling and supervising your applications.

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Increase your software development efficiency
in just three steps

Step 1

Problem Analyses

We identify opportunities for improvement based on a comprehensive analysis of your current development processes, applied tools and technologies, and support you during the prioritization of your requirements.

Step 2

Implementation Support

We provide trainings and workshops for development teams as well as installation and migration of infrastructure and deployments, to immediately implement the suggested innovations for your entire development process.

Step 3

Effortless Software Development

Agile development processes, suitable development infrastructures and automatized deployments are key to:
  • Shorter release cycles
  • More reliable software
  • Quicker bug fixing phases

Overview of All Development Essentials

Optimization of current development processes
Development Tools
Automated development environments and management tools
Continuous Integration
Automated building, testing and verification
Continuous Deployments
Software delivery without any effort
Load Balancing
Reliable despite high load and failures by employing automatization
Monitoring and Self-Healing
Automated monitoring of self-healing systems
Entire applications by reusing building blocks
Autonomous management of containers, hosts and whole clusters