Symflower Saves Time and Resources

Generate tests in a fully-automated fashion

Fully-Automated Early Detection of Software Bugs

Symflower allows the automated detection of bugs during the development of software. Studies have shown that it costs 50 to 200 times more to debug a problem in production than eliminating it during the development phase.

Fully-Automated Generation of Test Routines

The time-intensive part of creating test routines can be done by Symflower. Automating this phase can save up to 60% of your development time. A high test coverage can be achieved without any development effort.

Fully-Automated Verification of Certifications

Symflower can not only test your software automatically, it also verifies your software for various industrial certifications. This provides you with an overview of the violations that need fixes and informs you about regressions.

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Improve your software
in just three steps

Step 1

One click is enough and Symflower tests your software now and in the future automatically.

You only have to provide the location of your source code and Symflower is ready to be used. Symflower recognizes changes of your source code automatically and adjusts all test routines accordingly.

Step 2

The provided source code is automatically analyzed by utilizing clever mathematic techniques.

Symflower employs a mathematic model to detect
  • security issues,
  • bugs,
  • performance problems
  • and other issues.
Hence, you can focus on your product development without worrying about bugs.

Step 3

Symflower provides an overview of the current state of quality of your software.

Symflower presents the current test coverage for each source code file. Additionally, programming errors and problems are summarized and displayed in detail in the source code views.

Overview of All Symflower Features

Error Detection
Automatically detect memory leaks, crashes and other problems
Reduce development and maintenance times with automation
Change Validation
Fully-automated incremental analyzes of each code change
Machine-aided verification of industrial certifications
Error Localization
Utilize automatically targeted test cases to reproduce and fix errors
Security Issues
Automated detection of security issues and weaknesses
Runtime Analysis
Early detection of performance problems and memory bottlenecks
Bulletproof refactorings aided by high test coverage and automatization
Autonomously generated unit-tests that are effective and maintainable
No expert knowledge is required for the installation and configuration
Current quality and test coverage at a glance
Automatic notifications for the latest bugs and errors