Generate and run unit tests automatically

Fully automatically generate and execute tests
to reveal bugs and security issues.

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Why Symflower?

In a Nutshell

Symflower employs artificial intelligence (AI) and mathematical models to test your software. Generating test cases is a 1000 times faster and a 100 times more accurate than writing them manually. Symflower is up and running within 60 minutes and requires no training.



Symflower fully automatically detects bugs, performance problems and security issues in your source code. The product quality of your software increases to a level never seen before. Thereby, increasing your customer satisfaction exponentially.



You can achieve cost savings of up to 60% in your internal software development. A bug found during development is tremendously cheaper to fix than one that has been shipped to a customer. Moreover, the entrepreneurial risk and legal liability due to security issues are reduced enormously.



Symflower increases a developer’s productivity by up to 40%. Thereby, you will realize more projects with the same team. By significantly shortening your internal project durations, you can achieve faster invoicing and thus optimize your own cash flow.


Symflower in a nutshell

Discover our products and features

Discover our products and features

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