Effortless project quality assurance

With Symflower Server, you are in control of your project quality at all times. No matter the scale, every change you make is analyzed, and all problems are revealed early on.


Fully Automated Tests

Symflower fully automatically writes, runs and analyzes unit tests covering all interesting paths through your functions.

The unit tests for a function are generated automatically including not only test bodies but also the test values and required mocks.
Each found problem can be easily localised in the analyzed source code. Additionally, executable unit tests are available to easily reproduce and fix found problems.
Symflower informs about the overall coverage reached for each function. Additionally it is possible to observe the code coverage of individual test cases by selecting them.

Efficient problem visualization

Symflower Server’s dashboard helps you see the big picture with all your relevant project data, while its to-the-point frontend highlights problems in your code in a clean and efficient manner.

Flawless change tracking

Be aware of any project changes, and have an easily accessible history for your project. With Symflower server, you have a clear log of changes, and can spot and revert problematic ones instantly.

Multi Language Support

Symflower comes with support for multiple programming languages. New programming languages are regularly added and are automatically enabled for every license. Contact us in case your programming language is not yet on our roadmap.

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