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Always be in control

With Symflower, you can have the quality of your project in sight at all times by being aware of found bugs, as well as your general project quality.

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Code quality at all times

The Symflower dashboard helps you see the big picture. The stats on your project size, the amount of problems and errors and the achieved test coverage provide you with a handy overview of your work.

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Browse through the history of your project with ease, be mindful of every change, and spot and revert problematic ones effortlessly.

Grading system

A simple grading system is used to indicate which parts of your code need special attention.



We ensure that you are aware of any project changes since your last login to Symflower.


Avoid zero-day exploits

Most security issues stem from few well-known types of programming errors. Symflower reveals security issues automatically by finding the most prominent causes of security vulnerabilities. Some examples include buffer overflows, arithmetic overflows, and format string vulnerabilities.

Three-step workflow

Symflower works out of the box, with no complicated setup required.

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zero touch unit testing icon Zero-touch unit testing

Our next-generation testing approach creates high coverage tests without human intervention.

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symbolic execution icon Symbolic execution
symbolic execution icon

Learn about the technology we use to determine the ideal test values for your code.

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Discover our products and features

Discover our products and features

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