commonGraphics/features/unitTests-small.svgZero-Touch Unit Testing

Fully automated unit tests

Symflower fully automatically writes, runs, and analyzes unit tests, covering all relevant paths through your functions.

The unit tests for a function are generated automatically, including not only test bodies, but also the test values and required mocks.
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Each found problem can be easily localized in the analyzed source code. Additionally, executable unit tests are available to easily reproduce and fix found problems.
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Symflower informs you about the overall coverage reached for each function. It is also possible to observe the code coverage of individual test cases by selecting them.
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Error localization

Errors can be easily located by using the visualization of the Symflower frontend. Reproducing an error is effortless, and can be done by running the provided unit test.


Fully automatic

Pushing to a repository is enough to trigger the unit test generation and execution. This ensures that there is never any untested code in a Symflower protected repository.

High-speed test generation

No time to test? Symflower’s Unit Test generation is a thousand-fold faster than a human tester. It achieves great results even when time is already tight.

No blind spots

Symflower generates a dedicated unit test for all relevant paths through a function. This ensures that corner cases are hardly missed.


Reflection of current behavior

The generated test suite specifies the current behavior in an easy-to-understand way, and can be used to ensure that the implementation actually fits the intended specification.

Fearless refactoring

Use Symflower’s unit tests as a safety net for refactorings. Ensure that there are no unintended side effects introduced by a change.

Automated mocking

Mocks for used interface objects are automatically generated, so there is no additional time required to specify their behavior.


Multi-language support

Symflower comes with support for multiple programming languages. New programming languages are regularly added and are automatically enabled for every license. Contact us at in case your programming language is not on our roadmap yet.

Three-step workflow

Symflower works out of the box, with no complicated setup required.

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Symflower provides concise information about the overall health of your software.

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Learn about the technology we use to determine the ideal test values for your code.

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