Reliable Software Through Automated Testing

We support you during the implementation of a fully-automated software testing process

Analysis of Current Testing Processes

Manual testing phases are an enormous cost factor and decelerate the whole development process. With the aid of our years of software testing experience we screen your testing processes and recommend suitable technologies to eliminate the manual testing effort.

Generation of Automated Tests

By outsourcing the creation of automated tests you are able to solely focus on the development and evolution of your products. We provide a maintainable testing framework with fundamental test coverage that can be easily extended with additional test cases.

Implementation of Penetration-Tests

We perform penetration-tests to identify weaknesses and security issues in your system. Our comprehensive test reports aid in the removal of these weaknesses and security issues before they can be exploited by attackers.

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Increase the reliability of your software
in just three steps

Step 1

Problem Analyses

We identify improvement opportunities based on a comprehensive analysis of your current development processes, applied tools and technologies.

Step 2

Implementation Support

We provide trainings and workshops for development teams and implement automated test suits to immediately employ the suggested innovations in your testing process.

Step 3

Fully-Automated Quality Assurance

An extensive automated software testing process is key for:
  • Reducing development time
  • More reliable software
  • Shorter debugging phases

Overview of All Testing Services

Optimization of existing development processes
White-box and black-box security testing
Test Suites
Automated frameworks with a fundamental test coverage
Load Testing
Validation of application and infrastructure under load
Validation of the smallest components
Validation of the integration between components
Validation of the complete system
Validation of the most important functionality