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IaaM 5 - Kubernetes Talk and Workshop

We held a Kubernetes talk and workshop at the fifth Infrastructure as a Meetup (IaaM).

Why Kubernetes?"

Kubernetes has become the leading framework for container orchestration, deployment and the scaling of applications. Hence, each software engineer should acquire fundamental knowledge of the possibilities and advantages that can be accessed by employing Kubernetes.

Content of the Talk and Workshop

During the talk we presented the most important basics of Kubernetes. Especially the following questions were discussed in-depth:

  • What is Kubernetes?
  • When should you use Kubernetes?
  • What are the most important technical basic concepts for deploying and debugging of an application

During the workshop all participants deployed an example application with Kubernetes, which did not run on Kubernetes before. They were able to try out the most important tools and commands of the Kubernetes ecosystem.

The used slides and source code of our workshop are publicly available in our Sessions GitHub Repository.

If your company is planning to join this application and infrastructure revolution, do not hesitate to write us an e-mail to hello@symflower.com or give us a call at +43 676 84 99 40 200 . We offer customized Kubernetes workshops for your company and support you during the implementation and migration of your infrastructure and applications.

| 2018-06-28