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A complete guide to software testing

Get your testing basics in order.

When you think back to your favorite subjects during education and training, software testing might not even make your top 10. In many computer science study programs, software testing falls quite short altogether. Later on in our professional lives, we tend to skip or reduce the time we spend on testing, especially if schedules are tight.

Software testing is essential for the long-term success of every software project. If you have ever worked on a project without a proper test strategy, chances are high you have experienced how ugly things can get without testing. From blowing a migration and losing customer data to literal fear of touching certain code parts - to just name a few.

To avoid these worst case scenarios, every professional developer should know about the basics of software testing and how they can be applied to their projects. The goal of this blog series is to provide exactly that information. Read on to learn about the first upcoming topics and to repaint the false picture you might currently have about software testing.

Articles in this series

This section provides a sneak peek of the next three articles of this series.

Software Testing: The Ugly Duckling of Software Development

Software testing is not a necessary evil but inherent to software development: There simply is no successful software project without software testing. Think for instance of today’s agile development: No sane person would introduce continuous delivery without introducing continuous testing as well. Learn how the field of software testing has evolved hand in hand with changing development processes and demands on software products.

Continue with this article to learn why software testing is essential for successful software projects.

The Software Testing Jungle

The sea of testing types and test classifications is simply overwhelming as there are hundreds of them. In this article, we will give you a practical guide through the testing jungle to figure out which types of software tests you should definitely not lack in your project.

Effective Software Testing: The Testing Pyramid

The testing pyramid is a best practice for software testing that gives you the best ratio among time spent in testing and the likelihood to find bugs. Sometimes, it is hard to decide which tests should reside on which level of the pyramid. We will use the example of an online library to showcase how you can split up your tests in a meaningful way.

Which Testing Topics Are You Missing?

We hope you are as thrilled as we are to learn about all these testing topics. Please drop us your thoughts and suggestions at hello@symflower.com. We are especially eager to hear about the topics you would like to see in this series. 🤔

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Technical | 2021-04-03