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Try Symflower for free

Symflower employs deep source code analyses and mathematical models to fully automatically write, run and analyze unit tests, covering all interesting paths through your software programs. These high coverage test suites ensure that corner cases are hardly missed. Each found problem can be readily reproduced and ensured to be fixed by executing the provided unit tests. With Symflower you can finally focus on what you do best: developing great software.

You cannot believe this actually works? Or at least not with complex code? Well, it’s time to seize the chance and try Symflower for free.

How to Participate

Symflower offers the opportunity to test a public Java repository for free via the Symflower Cloud. In contrast to the paid full version, only one test case per function is created in the free version.

You will get basic unit test coverage for your source code and gain first-hand experience in working with a brand new technology that will change how we develop software. You will see for yourself how the Symflower generated tests look like and you might learn about bugs in your code that you have overlooked so far.

Simply register at free.symflower.com.

After the analysis of your repository has been completed you will receive an email with an invitation to a short presentation via video call. During this call we will walk through the found bugs and some of the generated tests. We are especially interested in getting your input on the Symflower generated tests and how you think we should improve Symflower.

In addition to the presentation you can download all generated unit tests free of charge via your Symflower Cloud account.

Don’t hold your horses: Beef up your unit test coverage

We are thrilled to test your repositories and look forward to hearing your feedback on our product. Start with Symflower for free right away.

In the meantime: happy coding :-)

— The Symflower team


Below are the most frequently asked questions about “Symflower for Free”. If you have questions that are not answered by the FAQ below feel free to drop us an email to hello@symflower.com .

What are the next steps after the registration?

After your registration Symflower will autonomously test your source code. We will inform you by email when the tests are ready. In this email we will also ask you for an appointment for a video call. In this noncommittal meeting we will inform you, what problems we have found in your code, within this free of charge test. We will also provide the generated tests after the meeting.

Is there any difference between this test version and the full version?

Compared to the full version, only one test per function will be generated.

Is this test version really free of charge?

Yes, it is fully noncommittal and free of charge.

How long does it take until I get my results?

Even though we receive a high number of requests, we want to take enough time for each customer to present their results personally, because of this, getting your results can take up to 3 weeks at the moment.

What if I don’t have my source code in a public repository?

This free of charge test is only for public repositories. If you do not have your code in a public repository, we can offer you a paid PoC (proof of concept). Within this PoC we will test your source code with the full version of our product, you will have a 4 hours presentation where we will explain to you in detail what problems we have found and you will get all created unit tests from us. Please contact us at hello@symflower.com for more information or use the contact form to get in touch.

Can I send you my code in a language other than Java?

Sure, however we are currently only allowing Java source code in the Symflower for Free queue. We will let you know if we add more languages.

| 2021-02-22