Generate unit tests on the go

Symflower integrates into your development workflow by generating high-coverage unit test suites while you are coding. Find bugs and debug corner cases right away and without effort.


What Symflower CLI can do for you

High code coverage

Symflower CLI generates high-coverage unit tests to validate your code. Each execution path and problem gets covered by a dedicated unit test, and is done on the go.

Real-time feedback

Symflower CLI gives you rapid feedback on your code before you even push your changes, so you can find problems before they hit production and iterate faster on them.

Effective tests in no time

Symflower CLI provides unit tests that are deterministic, effective, and just like you would write them. No need to worry about unnoticed problems, or lengthy debugging.

1. Choose your environment

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2. Choose your language

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3. Use Symflower CLI

Install How it works

Real-time test generation

Forget having to figure out how to design inputs and outputs to test a certain part of your source code, and generate your unit tests rapidly.

Debugging edge cases

Debug your edge cases right away with instant reproducers for your source code.

Visualized code behavior

Keep track of how your changes affect the behavior of your program, and ensure that your implementation fits your specification.

Problem detection

Save time by having all common mistakes detected as early as possible, and ease the burden on functional testing.

Automatic mocking

Automatically generate mocks for interfaces with their behavioral checks, and handle all unanticipated possibilities.

System-wide contracts

Define your assertions and contracts, and automatically check whether they are met over your whole codebase.

Have a larger scope in mind?

Symflower Server
Have a larger scope in mind?